About Ellcee

Ellcee Nautical Supplies Co. Ltd. has been trading as Camilleri Marine and proudly serving the maritime industry since 1979. Located on the seafront in the heart of the Maltese yachting centre, we aim to provide our customers with a broad spectrum of essential supplies and services.

Powered by a team of engineers and specialists,, we are also able to troubleshoot, diagnose and advise on all of our products and supplies.


Our commitment is to satisfy an ever-growing
customer base with outstanding service
and quality guarantee.
To keep your vessel sailing is our goal.


Founded by the late Lawrence Camilleri, and now running into its second generation, Ellcee has evolved from a retailer to an importer, manufacturer and distributor that offers specialised services. Our market is centered around pleasure boats and yachts, commercial vessels and commercial and domestic yachts.

Believing that excellene in sales and service is direclty related to the level of customer satisfaction, our various departments focus on both supplies and services.

  • Plumbing and fitting
  • GMDSS electronics and satellite and radio communications
  • Paints and cleaning supplies
  • Pyrotechnics and safety equipment
  • Marine hardware and accessories