Spectra Watermaker Charcoal Filter FT-FTC-CC
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Description :

The function of the Spectra Charcoal Filter Element (part no. FT-FTC-CC) is to remove
any chlorine in thefresh water flush water supply (normally pulling from boat tanks or land water supply) . The reverse osmosis membrane can only handle s mall amounts of chlorine for short periods without damage. If the Fresh Water F lush water contains chlorine , the membrane will be exposed to it for days at a time and the membrane will begin to produce high salinity product. We do not specify a micron rating for the Spectra Charcoal filter because the other filters are downstream of the charcoal filter and still provide all the necessary particulate filtering.

The Spectra Charcoal filter we supply removes 99.7% of the chlorine. Beware when buying other charcoal filters. If they don’t specify the percentage of chlorine removed, don’t use them. The cheap ones may remove only 60% or 70%. Also, there are aftermarket filters which are very close to, but not exactly, the same dimensions that will not seal properly in the ho using. If you skimp on the charcoal filter you will toast a $500.00 membrane on the first flush. The other factor is the flow rate that the filter can handle. Because the chlorine is deactivated by a chemical reaction with the charcoal, it must remain in contact with the charcoal for sufficient period of time for the reaction to
be complete. The filters we use can handle 1.5 gallons (6 liters) per minute flow, and are good for 3000 gallons (12,000 liters) at 1.5 GPM, or six months, whichever comes first.