Gianneschi Self-Priming El/Pumps CP30
Ref : 01ACP30301G
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Description :

The liquid rieng self-priming electro-pump "CP" series, with star impeller, have an outstanding self-priming capacity (up to 8m vertical). Only at the first start or after a long term disuse, it is necessary to fill the pump's body with water, then, the pump automatically primes, also with the suction pipe empty. We suggest to install a filter and a clapet valve on the suction pipe in order to avoid water reflux.

Features :
  • Body Pump Bronze
    Impeller Bronze
    Shaft Stainless steel aisi 316
    Mechanical seal High quality on ceramic. Graphite inox.


    Insulation B Class
    Protections IP 20/22
    Voltages 12/24V